If there is one term that is widely misused and abused in today’s generation, it is LOVE. People all around the world are so much accustomed to the word that they tend to confuse it with like, or admiration, and consequently cause a disaster to someone. For this reason, many have reached a level that they can’t completely love or trust anyone because it’s hard to tell who means what they say and who doesn’t.

Many people will just hook up with someone for the first time and declare that they love them, when in reality, it’s just an admiration. Then it goes to a point that the truth will surface and these people would want to correct the mistake when it is just too late, and ultimately lead to one committing murder or suicide. The disasters caused by love – or rather so-called love – cannot be overemphasized. The heart is surely designed in an amazing manner, and thus it’s only appropriate that it is respected and taken care of.

Naturally, everyone wants to be loved, but in most cases the love will never be there, though it will seem to be there. Today, I can’t say there exists no real love in relationships, but in most cases what exists there will shock any partner to his or her bones when s/he knows. That’s simply because one admired the other and in turn declared love between them, which is wrong altogether.
However, love when not confused with admiration can be very awesome. Having tangible affection for someone who feels the same can be nothing but amazing. Love is special and shouldn’t in anyway be abused. Love comes with respect, and should be treated as such. If there is any gift one should truly wish for, it should be the gift of love. Because with love, every other thing can fit in; and till eternity. Where two people are truly in love, you find that they become naturally happy and content.

Moreover, admiration is a mere temporary feeling which depends on circumstances in order to exist. It is similar to a like, meaning it can extinguish at any given time. This makes it valueless and untrustworthy. That being the case, it has landed many people into a dilemma since they can’t distinguish from temporary and permanent love from admiration.

Therefore, it will be wise to take your time before falling in for someone. Ask yourself whether your feelings are true and promising. If they’re not, set yourself aside and allow those with genuine emotions to go forth or else you’ll be a scar of regret and heartbreak in someone’s innocent life. Be conscious of your actions and learn to be merciful. Today it is them and tomorrow it can be you – so be careful.



Tha Auspicious & Muhamed Lamin Ceesay.




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