Yesterday, while I was returning from having a three hour Taxation exams paper, I had a short conversation with my cousin, which necessitated this post.

I was sitting down, my laptop in hand, when I said in a tone I didn’t intend to raise loud, that “Huh, I I’m closing you, and I’m not sure if I will ever open you again,” referring to my PDF document that contains my taxation notes. When he heard me say this, he turned and said, “That’s a very bad act of learning.”

Instantly, I felt cold from my feet, and then responded and said, “How can I open it again, when there is no way it can be relevant to me.”

It is indeed a concern to me and should be a concern to every UTG student that we are lectured on courses that are almost never relevant to us as Gambians, as if we have exhausted the long list of courses that can impact on our lives and help move our country ahead.

The university offers courses and limits the very important course – English Language for example – and offers courses that I see no relevance in – in this case, Taxation. I once wrote and said that the university should offer more than Use of English 101 and 102 because some will graduate with the most “unhorned” skills of grammar.

I can’t seem to fathom why the university of the Gambia will offer a course that lectures just about UK taxation system and not mention anything about Gambian tax, not even by mistake.

When it sounded awkward and I was forced to ask my lecturer about it, he said this is what he is tasked to lecture. End of discussion.

As accountants – some, future accountants – we aspire to serve beyond Gambia, but then we also would love to serve the Gambia, Our Homeland. Therefore, it is befitting that we know about our own Gambian taxation system, rather than U K where we may live never to step foot in.

I am sure Taxation is not the only irrelevant course in the UTG, but it’s the one I will refer to here.

Finally, I think it’s time the university revisited the syllabus, eliminate some irrelevant courses and give priority to some relevant courses.

My take!




Cherno Abdourahman Bah

(Tha Auspicious)


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