After 2am, we left for the hotel. Everyone was very enthused and excited as it was an awesome outing again. When we got to our respective rooms, an emergency executive meeting was summoned. In the meeting, different speakers took turn to advise anyone who must have taken the phones in the name of jokes to return them as it was becoming too much a joke. At the end, nobody took responsibility. So, it was decided that searching would be done, but only in our room – the executive members’ room – and that the other rooms would be visited by some of our leaders to talk to them in order to pierce and melt their hearts.

My colleagues, who equally lost their phones and I weren’t allowed to go along with the leaders who went round to speak with the other delegates. So we sat in our room with high hopes that they were going to come back with good news. After what seemed eternity, they finally showed up.  On their face, I could tell that they were chatting and laughing. But that changed when they met with my well refined question. “Have you found the phones?” I uttered in eagerness. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Read out for episode 11


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Cherno Abdourahman Bah

(Tha Auspicious)


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