The Mauritanian trip was beginning to be described as the best after resting for two days, plus enjoying the facilities that the country offered us.

The accommodation alone was something to be proud about. The delegates described it as “beyond expectation”. The delegates were divided into different groups to comfortably occupy the different rooms in the apartment.

As part of the activities to accomplish the task necessitating the research trip, a committee was set to visit the Ministry of Fisheries to collect necessary data. It was indeed a success there, as almost every relevant official in the ministry made it his/her duty to help the committee get every answer they demanded for.  That was a plus point for the executive of the ECOMANSA.

Very many interesting sites were visited by the delegates. First of all was the memorable visit made to the desert. The desert trip was a looked-forward-to-trip, and everyone showed keen interest in visiting the famous desert. That midday, we got set and arrived at the desert at the peak of hotness. The heat that the sun emitted was able to drain enough water to dehydrate one. I was figuratively swimming in my own sweat. We thought we carried along more than enough water to sustain us there, but we were wrong. It was so hot yet so exciting. We mingled, took beautiful shots, and got lectured on some vital issues about the desert. Actually, I’ve already missed the site.

The University of Nouakchott was another spot that we visited. It is…. …….. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

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Cherno Abdourahman Bah

(Tha Auspicious)


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