One could easily notice how the gloomy faces were transforming vivaciously once again as we were led into the well-structured and well-furnished hotel. First, the ladies were led in, and showed their respective rooms, while the men waited outside. Later, the men also were given their respective rooms. That could already remind one that hey you are in an Islamic Republic. There was no much interaction between men and women.

Inside the hotel, people cheered. The hungry bros were then faking smiles for the structures and then, the available wireless.

There was chanting and ranting in every nook and cranny of the building when a few men came with a big barbequed goat wrapped in a cement paper. It was a well needed package, as everyone was in dire need of food; other than bread and biscuit, the most popular food during the journey.  Some went to have their bath, while the rest sprawled in the spacious rooms while waiting for the call to dinner.

While some were reflecting on the long journey and recovering from the unimaginable fatigue, others were already establishing rapport with the indigenous people.

It was already almost 05:30 on Monday when we were finally set to bed. Seriously, I know of some who, because of their overly exhaustive job that they did in the course of the journey, couldn’t even touch water before going to sleep. They intended to lie down and relax a bit before visiting the bathroom, only to wake up seven hours later.

The Mauritanian trip was beginning to be described as……… 🤔🤔🤔🤔

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